5 Easy ways to make your old pc faster

Due to fast improvement of technology and huge amount of regular updates of application software personal computers become slower day by day. As the hardware parts can’t be updated regular interval so the pc becomes very slow and unusable.

Here we are discussing about some factors that can help you out and can make your old pc faster:

  1. Disable Start up programs:

Every time when we install a new program most of the cases it runs a service at computer startup. It is not necessary that the service must start with the start of your computer, may be the program will not use on that particular session. That’s why we should disable the unnecessary programs at start up and can make the pc faster. In order to disable a program go to “Run” and type “msconfig” then a window will come. Go to “startup” tab and uncheck the programs you don’t want to start the program at windows startup.

  1. Clean Temporary Files:

Temporary are also unnecessary files that consume the space of your computer hard disk. Temporary files are created every time when we accessing internet, executing any program or when we installing any software in our computer. These files should be cleared in a regular manner. So that the hard disk remains clean and junk free. To delete the temporary files go to the “Run” command then type “%temp%” and it will open the folder that contains temporary files, then select all the files and delete. This thing can be done using some software like CCCleaner, TuneUp Utility, etc.

  1. Disk defragmentation:

The data are stored in the hard disk in a random manner which leads to hard disk fragmented. Fragmentation occurs when we save, changes and delete a file from hard disk it will not happened contiguously. That means there are no’s of small spaces available in the hard disk but the spaces are not contiguous. And as a results the hard disk shows lack of spaces and it slowing down the computer. Disk defragmentation is the process to make the free spaces contiguous, it rearrange the addresses of the stored files and folder in the hard disk. So, it is recommended to run disk defragmentation at least once in a week. Windows itself has the disk defragmentation application or you may use other application software like TuneUp Utility. To start windows disk defragmentation process go to start screen and type defragmentation in the search box for windows 8 and go to start menu and type “disk defragmenter” for the earlier version of windows. And then analyze and optimize all hard drives.

disk defragmentation

  1. Registry Clean:

When a new software installed in the computer it made an entry to the registry file of the computer. And the entry remain in the registry database for permanently till the operating system is unformatted even after the software has been uninstalled. As we use several software for different purpose that creates several entry in the registry database and consume spaces from hard disk. That is why it is recommended to clean registry files in regular interval. There are several system tuning tools are available in the market that can clean the unwanted registry entry like Tune Up utility, CCCleaner, etc.

  1. Disable/Uninstall Unnecessary programs:

There are lot of programs in our computer which is not used regularly or frequently. It consumes the hard disk space as well as its services increases CPU utilization every time when the computer runs. It is recommended to uninstall the unnecessary programs from your computer and keep your computer clean and hard disk free. And another thing is that install only those programs whose system requirements are matched with your system.


There are other different processes also available to make your computer faster but these five process is the best and recommend by the several computer expert.

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