Best Instant Messaging software review : Digsby vs. Trillian

Social media and instant messaging has become an integral part of every computer or smartphone user’s everyday life. People spent a lot of time after these even from their busy scheduled life. Moreover, it has been seen that many users subscribed to various instant messaging services. However, the problem will arise when a low performance computer of smartphone has been stuffed with a no of IM. It will consume not only the several resources but also slows down the system. That is why we have reviewed lots of IM software and discussing about two most popular IM software that is dominating the market.



Having beautifull interface Trillian supports multiple IM platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, AOL, MySpaceIM and many more. Even you can add multiple account for same platform, i.e. If you have two Facebook account you can easily add it. Just go to “manage accounts” and then “add account” enter username and password and it is ready to go. It gives you the detailed information about the device from where you are logged in like IP address, operating system, uptime etc. Trillian offers various types of customization like adding new skins, sounds, emotions, etc.

Although the free version of Trillian is ad-supported, but I must say that they are not bothering as the other free software does. In spite of the free version, Trillian is making well balanced between performance and appearance.



Digsby is a