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How to disable ads in KM Player without any Ad-blocker

KM Player is one of the most useful video player for windows operating system, recently it is also launch for MAC Operating system. It has several good features that can beat the other video player available in the market. It can play almost every format of video file like MPEG,...

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How Windows 10 reduced the use of application software?

There are lot of new features incorporate in new Microsoft Windows 10. It is a hybrid version of Windows 7 and Windows 8, that means it has start menu as well as start screen. It has a new search tool namely Cortana which can search things not only in computer...

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How to disable automatic updates in windows 10

Microsoft windows 10 comes with lot of features than its ancestor windows 8.1, but there is some drawback also found. There are no such options to disable automatic updates in windows 10. May be it is not a drawback as the manufacturer wants to provide the update in regular basis...