How to Create Password Protect PDF Files in MS Word 2013?

Now a day’s cyber-crime is becoming one of the dangerous problem for those who are using internet. Most of us send important and confidential document over the internet. And lots of people saves their personal files in a cloud server for their convenient use. But there is a lot of chance to lose the privacy, even sometime money can be theft if you have save your bank’s ID and password over some cloud system. Now the question is how to solve this problem? Either you have to keep all these things in your mind or you have to carry all the documents along with you wherever you go.

Don’t worry we have find out a solution for it, so that you can save files in a cloud tension free. What are the important information you can type down in MS Word 2013 and save it in PDF format with a password. So that no one can look into the file and you don’t have to remember all those information, only you have remember the password. There are other software available in the market like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, etc. which can be used to make password protected PDF. Most of these software are not free and you have to take monthly or yearly paid subscription. But using MS Word 2013 creating password protected PDF is totally free.

Just do the following steps and you can easily create a password protected PDF file in MS Word 2013: –

  • Go to the “File” menu and click “Save As”.
  • Then select the folder (cloud/computer) where want to save the file.
  • Then put a file name and select “Save As type” as “PDF” from the drop-down box.

Save as PDF

  • Then select the “Option” button at the lower-right corner of the window
  • Then Check the box “Encrypt the document with a password”.

Encrypt with Password

  • Give your desired password (6 to 32 character) and click “OK”.


Now you can relax as because even if someone got your files he will not be able to see your important information.

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