How to get email notifications in Firefox without log in?

Now a day’s people have more than one account or may have accounts in different email provider. But we don’t have so many time to check all these accounts every day. It will be better if we can get email notification every time when we open the Mozilla Firefox browser. There are lots of add-ons available in Firefox to get email notification; but X-notifier is one of the best add-on available in the Firefox that supports all the recognized email provider like Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, AOL, POP3, IMAP, etc. X-notifier is also supports multiple account access from a single service provider, i.e. if you have more than one account from Gmail or Yahoo mail then you can easily add those account in x-notifier.

How to install?

  1. Go to the following link from your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the “Add to Firefox” button. It will automatically install in your browser.
  3. Then restart the browser.

xmail notifier

How to configure?

  1. After restarting the browser go to “Tools” from “Menu bar” then click on Add-ons and then click on the option.Select Add-onsx-notifier1
  2. Select email provider from drop down box and then add username, password and you can put an alias name for your ease of use.x-notifier option
  3. Check other options as you want to get notifications for spam and all other labels
  4. You can select checking interval, i.e. after what interval x-notifier will check for new mail and then click add.
  5. Check the “Use multiple login” box and click OK. So that you can open more than one account from same email service provider at a time in same window (different tab), which is normally not possible.
  6. Now onwards when a mail comes a pop-up window will show the notification in right-down corner of your screen.
  7. And most important thing that you can import all the setting in your hard disk and later you can use it.

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