How to hide images and videos on Android phone without any App?

Android is one of the major smartphone platform nowadays. And there are lots of task done through the android phone. There different type of user available for android phone like someone is using for business purpose, someone using for social network, someone for gaming. But we always want to keep our private pictures or videos away from other people and our Childs. So, we need to hide or lock those files. In order to lock or hide files there are so many apps available in the Google Playstore to hide/lock files. But here we will discuss how to hide those files without using any third-party app.

Go through the following steps and you will easily hide your private pictures and videos from gallery: –

  1. Open the file manager, if you don’t have any in build file manager in your android phone then you can download it from Google Playstore. There are several file manager available in the Playstore like ESfile explorer, Solid Explorer, etc.
  2. Then go to the desired folder for which you want to hide the images and videos.
  3. Create new file and put a name “.nomedia” (a hidden file will be created).Create new file
  4. Now go to the Gallery and you will not see those images and videos contained in that folder.
  5. You can see those files only through the file manager.
  6. If you want to restore the settings as earlier just go to the file manager (Solid explorer) settings and then go to the folder option.
  7. In the folder option enable the checkbox “Show hidden files” and delete the file “.nomedia”, then all the images and videos in that folder will be shown in the gallery.Show Hidden file
  8. If you put the “.nomedia” in the root directory/folder then all the images and videos in the phone will be hidden.

This is how you can hide your personal pictures and videos without using any other app. Remember this process will only hide the files from gallery but it will easily accessible through the file manager. And if you want to lock them you need another app to be installed in your device.


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