How to convert Pdf file to Word, Excel or Image format?

One of the major problem people may find in these days that how to convert PDF files to word, excel or jpg file format. There are several tools available to convert word or excel files to pdf format, even Microsoft office itself offers a small plug-in called SaveAsPdf to convert office compatible files to Pdf. But the vice-versa is a bit difficult as once the file converted into Pdf it requires OCR (Optical Character Reader) to read the Pdf image in order to convert the file back into Word or Excel.

There are several online websites and software are available in the market to convert any PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel or image format. One of the easiest way to converting PDF files to these formats by using NitroPDF software. This is only one software which supports all these format. Not only that it also gives the privilege to edit all kind of PDF files.

Steps to converts the file:
1. Download NitroPDF latest version.
2. Install NitroPDF in your computer.
3. Open any PDF file(s) from hard disk.
4. Select the format you want to convert.
5. Select the pages you want to convert.
6. Select the location where do you want to save the converted file(s).

NitroPro Pdf Converter

Additional features of NitroPDF:
1. Password security: You can protect your pdf files by enabling password protection so that no one can’t print the file without your permission. Even you can add the digital signature so that the file will be copyright protected.

2. Editing: Editing of PDF files becomes easier with the help for nitro pdf as it gives you the privilege to edit all the text field and add radio button, check box, combo box, list box etc. You can also draw shape within the PDF file. You can add some predefined stamps on your pdf as well.

NitroPro Menu Bar

3. Merging: You can convert and merge (append) multiple files type into single PDF file. That is it can merge word, excel and others files and convert into a single PDF file.

4. Sharing and Collaboration: You can share files via Nitro Cloud to your friends or colleagues even if they don’t use NitroPdf. It is very secure, easy and reliable process.

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