How to create filter and manage labels in Gmail?

Now a days we are getting so many mails every day and most of them are unnecessary. For this reason sometimes it has been seen that we are over looked the important mails. So in order to categories the important mails or differentiate mails from various mailer we can creates labels. By this you can easily find out your important mail and ignore the unwanted one.

Step by step to create filter:

  • Now here you have to select at least one of the following point
  • Then click to filter tab and the following window will open
  • Login to your Gmail account and go to setting from top-right corner.
  1. Add the mailer id from where you are getting mail or
  2. Add the possible words that may have in the subject of the mail or
  3. Add the word which may have in anywhere in the mail or
  4. Add the possible words which doesn’t have in the mail or
  5. Check the button if the mail has any attachment or
  6. Check the button to exclude the mail if it contains any chat or
  7. Set the size of the mail whether it will include or exclude from the filter
  8. Then click the search button.

Gmail filter

Managing Labels:

After setting up the filters the following screen (below) will come

  • Click on the check box “Apply the label”
  • Then select a predefined label from the dropdown box or you may create a new as per your filter preference
  • Select whether the mail will only show in the desired label (Skip the Inbox).
  • You may categorize the incoming mails by choosing category from dropdown box (Categorize as).
  • Now click on update filter.
  • And you will see all the mails which are matching the filter condition will go to that label and now onwards it will go to that label only.

filter preference in gmail

Now go to the settings page and click on the labels tab. From here you can set up when which label will be shown. You can create new label or remove old label. Also nested label can be created by clicking on “Create new label” and click the check box whether the label will show in IMAP.

Label in Gmail

In this way you can separate all the mail by their sender or other category and don’t miss any important mail just for overlooking.


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