How to delete files without confirmation or without moving to Recycle bin?

It has been seen that every time if we found some unnecessary files on our computer we delete them in order to regain the space on our hard disk. But the file actually goes to the Recycle bin and ultimately the hard disk is occupied by some other means. So you have to go to recycle bin and “empty recycle bin” every time you deleted a file. In order to get rid of this regular task you have to do a little change in your computer setting. So that you can directly delete files without moving to Recycle bin. You can also disable or enable the confirmation window before deleting a file. Recycle bin properties gives the privilege to select the drives from where you can delete files without showing any confirmation or without moving to recycle bin.

Just go through the following steps and you will get rid of this problem.

  1. Right click on the Recycle bin icon on the desktop and go to the properties. Recycle Bin Properties
  2. A small window will open now select the drive from the list for which you want to disable the delete confirmation option and the uncheck the “Display delete confirmation dialog” option and then apply. Afterwards it will never show the confirmation message for deleting any file from that drive. Whenever you delete any file it will move to the recycle bin without showing any thing. And you can enable it anytime by clicking on that check box. Moved to recycle bin
  3. Now if you want to delete files directly without moving it to recycle bin then select the drive for which you want to setup as earlier and then checked the option “Don’t move the file to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” and then apply. It will remove the file from your computer permanently without giving any conformation message. This option is not recommended as the file could be deleted mistakenly and you lost the it permanently. Permanently delete file


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