How to disable ads in KM Player without any Ad-blocker

KM Player is one of the most useful video player for windows operating system, recently it is also launch for MAC Operating system. It has several good features that can beat the other video player available in the market. It can play almost every format of video file like MPEG, DVD, WMV, OGM, OGG, MP4, VCD, AVI, 3GP, FLV, Real Media, MKV, etc. It can also play 3D movies, only you need to have a 3D glass. But the recent updates of the KM Player invoke some ad box which shows various ads whenever your system is connected to the internet. I am showing you how to get rid from these annoying ads.

In order to remove ad box from KM Player you need to do the following steps


  1. Go to control panel and Click on the internet option.  Control panel
  2. Then click on the security tab. internet option
  3. Then select the restricted sites and click on the sites. restricted sites
  4. Add in the box and click Add. It will add the site in the restricted site list. add site
  5. Now click close to close the window. site added to restricted list
  6. Now everything is done, click OK to exit from internet option.

Restart KM Player and you see the ad free version of the player.


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