How to disable automatic updates in windows 10

Microsoft windows 10 comes with lot of features than its ancestor windows 8.1, but there is some drawback also found. There are no such options to disable automatic updates in windows 10. May be it is not a drawback as the manufacturer wants to provide the update in regular basis so that your system remains bug free. But everyone doesn’t have unlimited internet plan and they might face a problem high internet bill. If you have metered connection then you have to disable the automatic updates, as some update are very huge size. Basically windows 10 removes the automatic update option from the control panel. In this article we will discuss how we can disable automatic update in a different way.

Please go through the following points to disable automatic update in windows 10.

  1. You have to disable the windows update service from local services. Type “services” in the search box at the toolbar and press enter to open the local services window.

services windows 10

2. Then right click on the “windows update” service and go to the properties.

local services windows 10

3. Now select the startup type “disabled” from the dropdown box.
4. Then check the service status, if it is running then click “stop” button.

windows update properties

5. Now go to windows update app and check for update, you will get a message “There are some problem installing updates”. That means the widows update has disabled.

Windows 10 update app

You can enable the automatic update any time you just need to set the startup type “Manual” and then “start” the service from the windows service properties. But still the problem of selecting which update you want to install didn’t resolved as you can do it in previous versions of windows.


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