How to explore android device from Laptop/PC via Wifi?

There is lots of way to connect android phone to your laptop for data transfer or internet sharing. Like using USB cable, Bluetooth or using Wi-Fi. USB cable is more suitable option for these as it gives you the privilege to explore your phone and also gives you the highest data transfer rate. But if situation comes when you don’t have any USB cable or you just don’t want to carry it, then using Wi-Fi is the best option. If you want to explore your android phone using Wi-Fi you need to install an app in your android phone called “weline” by which you can easily connect your android phone with your Wi-Fi enabled laptop/PC. The app is completly free and available in google play store.

How to install and connect:

  1. At first go to Google play store from your android device.
  2. Search and install “Weline” app.
  3. Now open any web browser and type a QR code will appear on your browser.

weline QR code


  1.   Then scan the QR code by your android device, make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on in your android device.
  2.   If you don’t have internet connection then type (for offline mode) in your web browser.

weline request

  1. Then a request will be send on your android device, accept it.
  2. Now you can explore everything of your android device in your laptop/pc web browser.

weline interface


Using Weline you can move, copy, open or delete files very fast and easily.


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