How to Extract and Convert Only Parts of a PDF Document?

Most of the conversion tools available in the online market are converting the whole PDF file into MS word, Excel or other format. But if you want to convert a part of a PDF file that become more difficult task for those software. One of the greatest software that can extract a part or a single page of a PDF file is Able2Extract PDF converter.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 converts PDFs, HTML and Text into various editable formats such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. People who don’t use Microsoft Office suite, but instead prefer using open source software, find it convenient that this tool can also convert PDFs into Open Office file formats (namely PDF to ODT, ODS and ODP).

On the other hand, Able2Extract doesn’t convert only from PDF; it is rather a robust conversion utility enabling users to convert from HTML and Text as well to Excel, Word, and more. What’s more, it is a cross-platform tool that can perform equally well on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

The tool obviously comes handy for many different purposes, but one feature in particular that sets Able2Extract PDF Converter apart from many of its competitors is the option to select only parts of a PDF document for conversion. This might not seem like much to people converting only a page or two, but users who wish to convert PDFs that that are hundreds of pages long really welcome the chance to convert only selected information.

Regardless of which output format you want to turn your source file into, the procedure for selecting parts of the document is similar in all cases.

Steps of Conversion:

1)      Open your chosen document for conversion.
2)      Click on the Select – Area.
3)      Chose the page, range of pages or only a specific part of your document and use your mouse to select it.
4)      Click on the chosen output format.

Able2Extract menuAble2Extract pdf converter

If you are converting your selected information into MS Word, PowerPoint or HTML, you’ll only need to choose a location and title for your new document and click Save.

1.   PDF/Text file to Excel Conversion: If you are converting to other formats, like converting into Excel you’ll be prompted to choose a few more steps before converting your document you’ll be able to customize your table before conversion.

pdf to excel converter

2.   PDF/Text to Publisher Conversion: Converting into Publisher will also allow you to choose between standard and custom conversion. If you choose to customize your document, you’ll be able to choose between “frame per paragraph” or “frame per token” option.

pdf to publisher converter

3.   PDF/Text file to AutoCAD Conversion: Before extracting parts of text into an AutoCAD format you’ll be prompted to choose between DWG and DXF output format, color palette and some additional options.

pdf to AutoCad converter

4.   PDF/Text file to Image Conversion: When converting to images you’ll be asked to choose your desired image format between JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and BMP formats.

pdf to image converter

5.   PDF/Text file to OpenOffice Document Conversion: Similarly, when extracting information into editable Open Office documents, you’ll be able to choose between Impress, Calc and Write formats.

pdf to open office converter

Using Able2Extract PDF Converter to extract parts of documents and convert them into editable formats is very smooth and easy, as demonstrated in these several quick steps. This feature really speeds up the process of processing and organizing all kinds of information, which makes Able2Extract attractive in many different work environments.

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