How to make your Laptop Wi-Fi hotspot using Connectify Pro?

As the technology improved people are more acquainted with the wireless things. As a result Wi-Fi connections are required often. In earlier days everyone use broadband services for getting higher speed internet connection but now a days people are more familiar with the 3G mobile broadband. connectify-hotspotBut if you have a good broadband or 3G data plan for your laptop you may use it for your mobile or other devices in your home or office without paying extra money for it. In order to implement this system you have to make your Windows 7 or 8+ laptop Wi-Fi hotspot. There are lot of software available in the market to make laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but one of the useful software is Connectify Pro. It is very easy to install, configurable and secured.

Features of Connectify Pro:

1. Easy setup for multiple devices:
Using Connectify Pro you can easily share your single internet connection to multiple devices like other laptop, tablet, media player, smartphone, etc. Thus it will save your money as you don’t have to pay for multiple internet connection for different devices.

connectify-share-internet-to-multiple devices

2. Share any kind of internet connection:
Connectify Pro can share any kind of internet connection like 3G, 4G or Broadband, tethered connection over Wi-Fi. So you don’t have to worry about the internet connection you have.
3. Wi-Fi range can be extended:
Connectify Pro can boost up your Wi-Fi signal using virtual router pro. It can extend your existing Wi-Fi signal so that you can access internet from every corner from your home, even you can enjoy the internet from your garden.
4. Internet load balancer:
Another part of Connectify Pro is dispatch, which is used to balance and optimize multiple internet connections in order to get more faster and reliable internet connection for your other devices.

How to download and install:

1. Go to the following link
2. See the pricing or you may download the trial version (with limited functionality)
3. Install by double clicking on the setup file.
4. Some antivirus (firewall) may block, continue by allowing the access.
5. After that restart your computer and use.

Setup and Configuration:connectify-setup

There is no complicated process to configuring Connectify Pro, Just go through the following process and you will be able to make online all of your device.

1. Create a hotspot username, only paid user can put any user name other will have to put “Connectify-” before his username.
2. Put minimum 8 (eight) character long password, so that anyone can’t guess the it otherwise he can access your internet connection. Both username and password will required when you want connect any device with your laptop.
3. Select the internet connection you want to share, if you don’t understand what to select then select automatic.
4. Share the internet over the inbuilt Wi-Fi of your laptop.
5. Then start the hotspot and connect all the device via Wi-Fi.

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