How to repair bad sectors in Hard disk drive?

Bad sectors are the area of your hard disk where clusters of data stored but those are not readable. Bad sectors have the potential to create permanent damage on your hard disk forever. There are several reasons behind the bad sectors in hard disk like

Reason for the Bad Sectors in Hard disk

  1. If you shutdown your computer improperly.
  2. If the computer get shutdown when a file is being copied or in use.
  3. Manufacturing defects in the hard disk, overheating of hard disk including, air pollution and moisture create fungus inside the sector,
  4. Other poor quality or aging hardware, improper power supply, etc.
  5.  Due to Virus/Malware attack.

In order to remove bad sectors from your hard disk windows have its own disk checking tool called “Chkdsk”. This utility tool can resolve the problem. The following process is required to run this tool.

To run Check Disk do this:

  • Open My Computer from your desktop
  • Right click on the drive you want to check for bad sectors and then click on Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog box click on the Tools menu then click on Check now;
  • A new dialog box will appear, check both of the option (File system error and bad sectors ) and then click Start;
  • Most of the time it will ask that Check Disk wants exclusive access to the disk and it wants to start right after your reboot. Then click OK;
  • Restart your computer.
  • The whole process will take around 35-45 minutes (depending upon processor’s speed) and during the process that particular hard drive will not be accessible.


Prevention technique to avoid bad sectors

  • The computer should be kept in cool & dust free place;
  • Close all the running programs and process before shutdown the computer;
  • Quality and branded hardware are one of key factors to avoid this problem;
  • Don’t  move your computer while it is turned on;
  • Make sure that the data cables are connected perfectly and they are not too long;
  • Always use an UPS (uninterrupted power supply) in order to avoid power interruption and shut down your computer correctly.

Software that can be use to repair bad sectors

  • There are several Disk utility software in the market like Tuneup utility, etc. that can be used for disk check up and disk defragmentation. Install this software and run regularly in order to prevent bad sectors in hard drive.
  • A good antivirus and anti-malware can prevent bad sectors by deleting virus and malware from your computer.


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