How Windows 10 reduced the use of application software?

There are lot of new features incorporate in new Microsoft Windows 10. It is a hybrid version of Windows 7 and Windows 8, that means it has start menu as well as start screen. It has a new search tool namely Cortana which can search things not only in computer but also from web, means if you are looking for somethings that is not available in your computer then it will search it from internet. Some of these new features are very useful and effective in order to reduce the requirement of separate application software.

  1. Microsoft to print PDF

One of the best feature in the new Microsoft Windows 10 is that; it provides a default printer to print things into a PDF file format. Whatever you want to convert into PDF file it may be text documents, webpages, Microsoft office document or any image file you can easily done with this feature. You need not to have install any other PDF converter software or virtual printer application.


Windows 10 print to PDF

  1. Virtual Drive (ISO file opener)

Another useful feature of Microsoft Windows 10 is built-in virtual drives. This can be used to load and open ISO files. Nowadays which is very much required as most of the large application software or the computer games are coming in the format of ISO image file. So it reduces the use of application software like PowerISO, Daemon tools, etc.

  1. Action Center

One of the major change made by Microsoft in Windows 10 is to incorporate a new notification drawer called “Action Center”. It shows the all the unread mail, software update notification, system errors and other notifications without opening the desired application. Not only that it also shows the system status like Battery status, Screen brightness, Location, settings, Airplane mode, Wi-Fi connection etc.

action center

So you don’t need to have any additional software to get these job done.


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