Microsoft Office 2013: Compatibility, Pricing and Features review


There are several new features incorporated in the Office 2013 in order to make it more user friendly.

Redesigned-Start Screens enable Interface:

Along with the windows 8 new metro look office 2013 has also come with a redesigned flat, smooth and colourful interface. Every apps of the new office has a colorful start-screens. Start screens enable you to find out recently open files and provides a no. of templates along with the blank document. You can directly search online for new templates from the start screen search box.

SkyDrive Incorporated:

SkyDrive has been incorporate to all the office apps so that you can easily read, write and modify the files and store in the cloud. So that your files are ready to available online and you can access those files from anywhere after login your Microsoft account.

office 2013 preview

Syncing Between Devices:

Whenever you are saving the office document in SkyDrive it will be available for any of your devices like PC, Tablet or Laptop. More over the new office 2013 (Words, Excel and PowerPoint only) enables the features that it will save the last location where you were working at the time of saving the file.

PDF file Editing:

In the last few editions of Word there was only option to save the file as PDF; there was no option to edit the PDF files. But the new Word 2013 gives you the privilege to open, edit the PDF files and save it into either PDF or DOCX format. That’s a great make over for Microsoft Office and will help to get rid of from additional PDF editing tools.

Additional Formatting Task Panes:

PowerPoint 2013 enables the features to formatting images, object shapes and other effects in additional task pane. Which gives not only the ease of access but it also has a great look and feel impact.

Charting can be easier:

Excel 2013 removes all the complicity of the previous version and it makes it very easy to draw a chart from a table of data. You only need to select the data and press insert and then Recommended chart it will automatically suggest the preview which types of charts will best for your data. From the preview you can select as per your choice.

More Templates:

Office 2013 includes lots of built-in templates as well as it gives the privilege to search templates, images, clip-art directly from web via Bing or from any of your online photo gallery like Flickr or SkyDrive.

Multiple service access:

The account tab in the start screen of all the office 2013 application enables you to log in your Microsoft account and can access your SkyDrive. You can add services like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, etc..

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